Database entity

Database entitiy definition:

An database entitiy is a material or non-material structure which has its own attributes.

Database entitiy example:

A good example of database entity can be a simple table that contains set of some data.

To show it, let’s take an example of shop database which is composed of 2 tables (entities): Sellers and Products.

Library database

Sellers table presents  data about shop sales staff. This entity (table) has 2 attributes:  SELLER_NAME (this column shows data about names of sellers) and ID_SELLER (ID_SELLER column contains unique identyfication number assigend to each seller).

  • Sellers (entity)
    • SELLER_NAME (attribute of Sellers entity)
    • ID_SELLER (attribute of Sellers entity)

Products table shows data about products that our shop are currently offering. Products entity has also 2 attributes:  PRODUCT_NAME (this column presents product names) and ID_PRODUCT (ID_PRODUCT column presents unique identyfication number assigend to each product).

  • Products (entity)
    • PRODUCT_NAME (attribute of Products entity)
    • ID_PRODUCT (attribute of Products entity)


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